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It is an extremely versatile, frost hardy, drought resistant, random mixture of flowering sedum plants. The plants are especially chosen for their durability and the wide range of colour, texture and seasonal differences in their flowers and foliage. The plants are grown on to a patented free-draining geo-textile fleece which allows just the right amount of moisture retention for the plants - not too wet, not too dry. That's why Enviromat only needs watering during prolonged dry conditions.

Where would I use Enviromat?

The beauty of Enviromat is that it is happy in almost any sunny spot in the garden. Window boxes, rockeries, on top of animal housing, on the shed roof, as a replacement for some for some of the slabs in the patio - even in a sunny conservatory. Its use is only limited by your imagination.

Enviromat in full flower   Enviromat installed on an aviary roof   Enviromat used on a birdhouse   Enviromat Cross-section


What is Enviromat like?

Enviromat will give you all year round interest. The plants flower from early spring right through to autumn. Through the season you will see varying shades of yellow, pink, white and red flowers in different heights, shape and distribution. Enviromat foliage also changes colour and texture throughout the year as different species in the mixture all enjoy slightly different temperatures and daylight hours. Enviromat is also a favourite with wildlife. These sedum plants are all native to Europe and are particularly attractive to garden friendly insects such as bees, butterflies and ladybirds.


  • Available in trays 50cm x 50cm, 25cm x 50cm or in rolls either 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m
  • A 50cm x 50cm tray weighs approx 6kg (saturated weight is approx 10kg)
  • Sedum varieties include: S. Album, S. Acre, S.Reflexum, S.Sexangulare, S. Spurium
  • Grown on special geo-textile matting for strength and moisture regulation
  • No need for soil. Enviromat contains its own growing media made mainly from recycled, crushed bricks.
  • All year round variety of colour
  • Water efficient
  • Labour saving
  • Reduces the level of CO2 in the atmosphere - helps combat global warming
  • Attractive to wildlife
  • Prefers full sun or partial shade
  • Minimal ground preparation required
  • Suitable for use on the ground, on shed roofs or in containers.
  • No need for mowing, weeding or deadheading

"sedums are ideal plants for the busy person who would like to transform a piece of land into an attractive landscape feature with a minimum of effort and very low maintenance requirements" - Professor Ray Stephenson

Where can I get Enviromat?

Easylawn Turf supply all sizes of Enviromat. Click here to buy Enviromat online.

If you would like to more information, or to place an order, please call our sales offices Monday to Saturday between 9.00am and 5.00pm

Enviromat can be laid virtually anywhere - where grass won't grow, Enviromat will flourish.

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